WWDC 2020 Reveals iOS 14 and More

dinsdag 23 juni 2020 inGummicube (bestaat niet meer) (iOS)

Apple’s WWDC 2020 keynote presentation ended with several announcements, including new operating systems, app development tools and more. It’s time to look at the biggest news from the keynote and how it can impact App Store Optimization. New OS The…

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WWDC 2020: What to Expect

zaterdag 20 juni 2020 inGummicube (bestaat niet meer) (iOS)

WWDC, Apple’s annual event, is quickly approaching. While the event is normally an in-person and streamed experience, it has moved entirely online for digital events. Each year, WWDC brings new announcements and technology that shake up apps and app…

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App Store Connect Gets Redesign and Mobile Capabilities

donderdag 18 juni 2020 inGummicube (bestaat niet meer) (iOS)

App Store Connect, Apple’s portal for developers to upload and manage their apps, has undergone a redesign. This adds a highly in-demand feature that will benefit mobile app developers. In advance of WWDC 2020, Apple has given App Store Connect a ne…

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Loot Box Lawsuit and App Store Optimization

dinsdag 16 juni 2020 inGummicube (bestaat niet meer) (iOS)

Is your app monetization in jeopardy? A new App Store lawsuit claims that apps with loot boxes and similar randomized digital rewards are considered gambling. While there has been debate over loot boxes before, a lawsuit against Apple could impact A…

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Google Play Developer Console Beta Tests Updates

zaterdag 13 juni 2020 inGummicube (bestaat niet meer) (iOS)

The Google Play Developer Console is getting an upgrade, which means it’s time for a beta test. Google recently announced the Google Play Console beta, which redesigns the Developer Console and adds new tools to help developers. To understand what t…

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App Store Optimization for Meditation Apps

donderdag 11 juni 2020 inGummicube (bestaat niet meer) (iOS)

When times are stressful, people often turn to meditation to help calm their minds. This is good news for meditation apps, right? Yes, assuming users can find the app and are convinced to download it. If developers of meditation apps want to gain us…

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VoterPal App Store Description Spotlight

dinsdag 9 juni 2020 inGummicube (bestaat niet meer) (iOS)

When your app is available in the stores, how will you let users know everything it has to offer? The App Store description should never be overlooked. It’s an important tool for conversion and building keyword relevance, so a well-written descripti…

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Screenshot Copy ASO Best Practices

zaterdag 6 juni 2020 inGummicube (bestaat niet meer) (iOS)

Do you want your app screenshots to stand out? Do you want to engage with users from the very first image and get them to install your app? A picture may say a thousand words, but sometimes it takes a little more to truly reach users. If you want to…

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Deep Link iOS and Android Apps

donderdag 4 juni 2020 inGummicube (bestaat niet meer) (iOS)

When users need your app, it should be no more than a tap away. That often means being able to go to an exact page in an app in an instant, rather than minimizing the screen, swiping to the app, opening it and navigating to the page. Deep linking ca…

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Carrot Weather App Store Video Spotlight

dinsdag 2 juni 2020 inGummicube (bestaat niet meer) (iOS)

What does an App Store Video say about a mobile app? The video can show your app in action, showcase its top features and much more, as long as it’s designed well. With summer beginning, Apple showcased Carrot Weather as an “Essential app for the we…

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Google Play Feature Graphic: ASO Best Practices

zaterdag 30 mei 2020 inGummicube (bestaat niet meer) (iOS)

Do you want your app promo video to make an impact even before the very first frame? That’s what the Google Play Feature Graphic is for. The Feature Graphic is an important aspect of a Google Play Store listing and App Store optimization. If you wan…

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Google Play Store Tests Gameplay Videos for Mobile Games

donderdag 28 mei 2020 inGummicube (bestaat niet meer) (iOS)

Can mobile games benefit from user-made videos? The Google Play Store is testing a new feature that may help you find out. A new report from Android Police shows the early testing of a new feature on the Play Store. This integrates YouTube with mobi…

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App Store Error Prevents Apps from Launching

zaterdag 23 mei 2020 inGummicube (bestaat niet meer) (iOS)

The Apple App Store is not impervious to errors. A newly discovered bug in iOS 13.5 is preventing users from accessing certain apps. Developers should be aware and keep an eye on their apps, as the bug could have a negative impact on their App Store…

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App Keyword Analysis: What You Need to Know for ASO

donderdag 21 mei 2020 inGummicube (bestaat niet meer) (iOS)

Is your App Store Optimization  based on proper App Keyword Analysis? Knowing what keywords to target is a core pillar of ASO, but all too often developers target keywords based on no data, or even worse, faulty data. If you want your ASO strategy t…

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TED App Store Screenshots Spotlight

dinsdag 19 mei 2020 inGummicube (bestaat niet meer) (iOS)

If your App Store Screenshots aren’t engaging and informative, are they even working? A good screenshot set should tell users everything they need to know about the app in a manner that keeps them interested and wanting more – almost like a speech. …

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3 Key App Metrics You Should Know for iOS ASO

zaterdag 16 mei 2020 inGummicube (bestaat niet meer) (iOS)

Are you tracking the right App Metrics? Knowing what metrics to follow can help you accurately track your progress and meet your KPIs. When you log on to App Store Connect, you might not be sure what each metric means, or which ones matter the most.…

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App Name Advice for ASO

donderdag 14 mei 2020 inGummicube (bestaat niet meer) (iOS)

An app name sets expectations from the moment users see it in search results. The name establishes branding, while the title fields on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store are important for App Store Optimization. With that in mind, it’s i…

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Google Play Search Adds New Filters

dinsdag 12 mei 2020 inGummicube (bestaat niet meer) (iOS)

Google Play Search contributes to the majority of app discovery on the Play Store. Now, a new update to the Play Store can help refine the results with filters based on ratings, badges and more. With this change, developers should think about how th…

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App A/B Testing: Google Play Experiments and ASO

zaterdag 9 mei 2020 inGummicube (bestaat niet meer) (iOS)

App A/B Testing is a great tool for developers trying to improve their App Store Optimization. Running A/B tests can identify what users respond to best across an app listing, from the creative designs to the descriptions. In order to properly run t…

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App Descriptions Best Practices

donderdag 7 mei 2020 inGummicube (bestaat niet meer) (iOS)

App descriptions are essential for App Store Optimization and conversions. They tell users what an app has to offer, why they should download it and how it can help them. Additionally, they provide valuable data to the App Store and Google Play Stor…

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Google Play Short Description ASO Best Practices

dinsdag 5 mei 2020 inGummicube (bestaat niet meer) (iOS)

The Google Play Short Description provides users with a quick introduction to your app. While the Long Description can delve into specifics of app features, the Short Description needs to be more concise. With that in mind, let’s examine how the Goo…

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