Apple’s plan for EU market regulations draw criticism from Microsoft Xbox president

dinsdag 30 januari 2024 inVentureBeat (Tech News)

Sarah Bond, Microsoft's Xbox president, criticized Apple for taking a "step in the wrong direction" on the EU's app regulations.

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Epic Games CEO blasts Apple for ‘malicious compliance’ with EU Digital Markets Act

donderdag 25 januari 2024 inVentureBeat (Tech News)

With the ink barely dry on Apple's statement on the EU Digital Markets Act, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney blasted Apple for "malicious compliance."

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Apple revises policies on streaming game services and apps with minigames

donderdag 25 januari 2024 inVentureBeat (Tech News)

Apple is revising its policy for streaming game services and apps that provide access to mini apps and games.

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U.S. Supreme Court declines to hear Apple v. Epic antitrust appeal

dinsdag 16 januari 2024 inVentureBeat (Tech News)

The U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear Epic Games' antitrust case against Apple. Now, developers can steer iOS users to third-party payments

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Why attackers love to target misconfigured clouds and phones

vrijdag 29 december 2023 inVentureBeat (Tech News)

Unencrypted identity data stored in unsecured or misconfigured clouds is an attackers' goldmine.

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Apple quietly released an open source multimodal LLM in October

zaterdag 23 december 2023 inVentureBeat (Tech News)

Apple is belatedly being celebrated on social media for releasing Ferret, an open source multimodal LLM, in October 2023.

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Apple’s latest AI research could completely transform your iPhone

woensdag 20 december 2023 inVentureBeat (Tech News)

Apple researchers have introduced new techniques to create photorealistic 3D avatars from video and enable advanced AI systems to run efficiently on devices with limited memory, such as an iPhone or iPad.

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Apple announces first 2024 Arcade additions for January

woensdag 13 december 2023 inVentureBeat (Tech News)

Apple has revealed the first titles coming to Arcade in 2024, including Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom and Cornsweeper.

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Lawyers, leading voices weigh in on Epic antitrust win over Google

dinsdag 12 december 2023 inVentureBeat (Tech News)

Epic Games has won its lawsuit against Google. Leading voices on antitrust law and policy weighed in on the potential consequences.

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Apple highlights best games and apps for App Store Awards for 2023

donderdag 30 november 2023 inVentureBeat (Tech News)

Apple announced the winners of its App Store Awards for 2023, honoring the best games and apps of the year. All told there are 14 apps and games that the company called out among the 1.8 million available now on the iOS App Store. Thse apps and game…

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Apple reveals the finalists for the 2023 App Store Awards

dinsdag 14 november 2023 inVentureBeat (Tech News)

Shortly on the heels of The Game Awards revealing the finalists for its 2023 ceremony, Apple has revealed the nominees for its own 2023 App Store Awards. Apple honors both apps and games with these awards, including games across the company’s variou…

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A recap of Epic Games vs. Google trial day one

dinsdag 7 november 2023 inVentureBeat (Tech News)

The first day of the Epic Games vs. Google antitrust trial ended after both sides gave opening statements and two witnesses testified.

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Epic Games vs. Google antitrust trial gets under way

maandag 6 november 2023 inVentureBeat (Tech News)

Another big tech antitrust trial gets under way today as Epic Games squares off against Google over control of the app stores.

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Apple shows off new MacBook Pro with latest Apple silicon

dinsdag 31 oktober 2023 inVentureBeat (Tech News)

Apple gave consumers a Halloween treat with the debut of its latest MacBook Pro laptops with the newest Apple silicon.

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Epic files U.S. Supreme Court appeal in Apple antitrust case

woensdag 27 september 2023 inVentureBeat (Tech News)

Epic has filed a petition with the U.S. Supreme Court to take up its antitrust case against Apple's alleged iOS App Store monopoly.

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Resident Evil 4 Remake, Assassin’s Creed Mirage coming to iPhone 15 Pro

dinsdag 12 september 2023 inVentureBeat (Tech News)

Apple announced during its recent iPhone 15 reveal that the Pro phone can run games like Assassin's Creed Mirage natively.

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This is how generative AI will free up your time at work

dinsdag 22 augustus 2023 inVentureBeat (Tech News)

Generative AI is impacting the way people work across industries. Here's a look at how you can be a part of the revolution.

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Apple Arcade’s August titles include new Samba de Amigo game

vrijdag 4 augustus 2023 inVentureBeat (Tech News)

Apple Arcade's upcoming August includes a mobile version of the new Samba de Amiga game, as well as charming puzzle titles.

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5 companies form Alliance for OpenUSD for metaverse 3D graphics standard

dinsdag 1 augustus 2023 inVentureBeat (Tech News)

Five major companies in the 3D content industry — Adobe, Apple, Autodesk, Nvidia and Pixar — have come together to form the Alliance for OpenUSD (AOUSD). The group that aims to promote the growth and standardization of Pixar’s Universal Scene Descri…

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Mirrorscape launches beta AR tabletop gaming platform for mobile and Apple Vision Pro

woensdag 26 juli 2023 inVentureBeat (Tech News)

Mirrorscape has announced the open beta launch of its augmented reality (AR) tabletop gaming platform for mobile devices.

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Unity launches visionOS beta program for Apple Vision Pro developers

vrijdag 21 juli 2023 inVentureBeat (Tech News)

Unity is opening a beta program for developers to build the visionOS experiences for Apple's Vision Pro headset.

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