Update on Naked Security

dinsdag 26 september 2023 inSophos (Backup & Security)

To consolidate all of our security intelligence and news in one location, we have migrated Naked Security to the Sophos News platform.

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Mom’s Meals issues “Notice of Data Event”: What to know and what to do

dinsdag 29 augustus 2023 inSophos (Backup & Security)

It took six months for notifications to start, and we still don't know exactly what went down... but here's our advice on what to do.

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S3 Ep149: How many cryptographers does it take to change a light bulb?

donderdag 24 augustus 2023 inSophos (Backup & Security)

Latest episode - listen now! Full transcript inside...

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Using WinRAR? Be sure to patch against these code execution bugs…

woensdag 23 augustus 2023 inSophos (Backup & Security)

Imagine if you clicked on a harmless-looking image, but an unknown application fired up instead...

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Smart light bulbs could give away your password secrets

dinsdag 22 augustus 2023 inSophos (Backup & Security)

Cryptography isn't just about secrecy. You need to take care of authenticity (no imposters!) and integrity (no tampering!) as well.

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“Snakes in airplane mode” – what if your phone says it’s offline but isn’t?

maandag 21 augustus 2023 inSophos (Backup & Security)

WYSIWYG is short for "what you see is what you get". Except when it isn't...

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S3 Ep148: Remembering crypto heroes

donderdag 17 augustus 2023 inSophos (Backup & Security)

Celebrating the true crypto bros. Listen now (full transcript available).

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FBI warns about scams that lure you in as a mobile beta-tester

woensdag 16 augustus 2023 inSophos (Backup & Security)

Apps on your iPhone must come from the App Store. Except when they don't... we explain what to look out for.

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“Grab hold and give it a wiggle” – ATM card skimming is still a thing

maandag 14 augustus 2023 inSophos (Backup & Security)

The rise of tap-to-pay and chip-and-PIN hasn't rid the world of ATM card skimming criminals...

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Crimeware server used by NetWalker ransomware seized and shut down

maandag 14 augustus 2023 inSophos (Backup & Security)

The site was running from 2014 and allegedly raked in more than $20m, which the DOJ is seeking to claw back...

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S3 Ep147: What if you type in your password during a meeting?

donderdag 10 augustus 2023 inSophos (Backup & Security)

Latest episode - listen now! (Full transcript inside.)

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Microsoft Patch Tuesday: 74 CVEs plus 2 “Exploit Detected” advisories

woensdag 9 augustus 2023 inSophos (Backup & Security)

74 CVEs, and two "Exploitation Detected" advisories, which are nearly but not quite the same as 0-days. Also, two potential Teams treacheries that you really want to fix.

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Serious Security: Why learning to touch-type could protect you from audio snooping

dinsdag 8 augustus 2023 inSophos (Backup & Security)

Fast, quiet, smooth, consistent and low impact... why true hacker-grade touch-typing might keep you more secure.

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“Crocodile of Wall Street” and her husband plead guilty to giant-sized cryptocrimes

vrijdag 4 augustus 2023 inSophos (Backup & Security)

Sentences still to be decided, but she could get up to 10 years and he could get as many as 20.

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S3 Ep146: Tell us about that breach! (If you want to.)

donderdag 3 augustus 2023 inSophos (Backup & Security)

Serious security stories explained clearly in plain English - listen now. (Full transcript available.)

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Performance and security clash yet again in “Collide+Power” attack

woensdag 2 augustus 2023 inSophos (Backup & Security)

It's a real vulnerability, but the data leakage rate can be as low as... let's just say that an IMAX-quality copy of the new "Oppenheimer" movie could take you 4 billion years to exfiltrate.

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Firefox fixes a flurry of flaws in the first of two releases this month

dinsdag 1 augustus 2023 inSophos (Backup & Security)

No zero-days, but some interesting patches with their very own "teachable moments".

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SEC demands four-day disclosure limit for cybersecurity breaches

maandag 31 juli 2023 inSophos (Backup & Security)

When is a ransomware attack a reportable matter? And how long have you got to decide?

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S3 Ep145: Bugs With Impressive Names!

donderdag 27 juli 2023 inSophos (Backup & Security)

Fascinating fun (with a serious and educational side) - listen now! Full transcript available inside.

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Zenbleed: How the quest for CPU performance could put your passwords at risk

woensdag 26 juli 2023 inSophos (Backup & Security)

"You need to turn on a special setting to stop the code you wrote to stop the code you wrote to improve performance from reducing performance from reducing security."

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Apple ships that recent “Rapid Response” spyware patch to everyone, fixes a second zero-day

maandag 24 juli 2023 inSophos (Backup & Security)

Another month, another patch for in-the-wild iPhone malware (and a whole lot more).

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