free TeamViewer now requires using the latest version; AnyDesk is an alternative

dinsdag 5 oktober 2021 inIvanExpert (bestaat niet meer) (Tips-Tricks-Tutorials)

TeamViewer, the erstwhile remote control software that we here at IvanExpert use for remote controlling our clients’ computers, has, like every other company, been hard at work trying to figure out how to get more money from their existing users. So…

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Using Moneydance to get Quicken Essentials for Mac data into modern Quicken or other personal finance software

vrijdag 1 oktober 2021 inIvanExpert (bestaat niet meer) (Tips-Tricks-Tutorials)

Mac users have a long and sordid history with Intuit, the original developers of Quicken. The product has always been second class compared to its Windows version. Recently I had a client who had been using the ill-fated Quicken Essentials for Mac, …

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So what is the “Archive” or “All Mail” folder in Apple Mail or Outlook or Gmail, anyway?

maandag 26 juli 2021 inIvanExpert (bestaat niet meer) (Tips-Tricks-Tutorials)

Questions I hear asked often are “What is the Archive folder (or All Mail) folder and what am I supposed to do with it? And why does an Archive button appear on my iPhone instead of Trash?” The answer, well, depends, on whether you’re using Google M…

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Google Drive software for Mac will merge Google Workspace and consumer versions, and lose selective sync ability

vrijdag 16 juli 2021 inIvanExpert (bestaat niet meer) (Tips-Tricks-Tutorials)

There are a ton of cloud storage providers at this point: Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Apple iCloud Drive, Google Drive, and more. Google Drive has been gradually displacing Dropbox over many years as the cloud drive of choice for those who need to …

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Making Mac Mail in Big Sur behave more like previous versions

woensdag 14 juli 2021 inIvanExpert (bestaat niet meer) (Tips-Tricks-Tutorials)

Apple made some changes to Mac Mail in Big Sur (and, presumably, forthcoming versions) that some are finding disorienting. The old behavior, as it has stood approximately forever, is that the “special folders” of accounts — Inbox, Sent, Drafts, Junk…

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What will Apple give you for your old Mac, iPhone, or iPad?

maandag 12 juli 2021 inIvanExpert (bestaat niet meer) (Tips-Tricks-Tutorials)

Apple, for the last few years, will let you “trade in” an older model of one of their products. This can be done at any time, not only when you’re purchasing something new; they’ll give you a gift card with the value of the trade-in. To see what the…

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The $1,299 two-port iMac vs the four-port $1,499 iMac

donderdag 27 mei 2021 inIvanExpert (bestaat niet meer) (Tips-Tricks-Tutorials)

Apple refreshed their iMacs last month, but one fine detail is that there are really two models: a two-port model that starts at $1,299, and a four-port model that starts at $1,499. (There is also a $1,699 base model, but that’s just a better-config…

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stupid APFS tricks

donderdag 17 september 2020 inIvanExpert (bestaat niet meer) (Tips-Tricks-Tutorials)

APFS does a few things differently than HFS does. Some of it is under-the-hood stuff that has to do with encryption and security. But in terms of your day-to-day use, there are a couple of odd tricks it can perform. Multiple volumes per disk partiti…

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Restore Mac Finder Comments: bring back your missing Mac Finder comments

donderdag 10 september 2020 inIvanExpert (bestaat niet meer) (Tips-Tricks-Tutorials)

Since the dawn of the Mac, or close to it, anyway, you have been able to Get Info on a file, and enter a comment. I’ve found that pretty handy over the years, especially when a folder of files forms kind of a mini-database, and displaying the Commen…

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Welcome to APFS

donderdag 27 augustus 2020 inIvanExpert (bestaat niet meer) (Tips-Tricks-Tutorials)

This is a more technical post, so you can just skip it if it’s not your bag. All of the data on your Mac’s drive has to be organized in some fashion, so that you can get to it. This is accomplished via what is known as a file system, and the only me…

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the simplest Time Capsule replacement

dinsdag 18 augustus 2020 inIvanExpert (bestaat niet meer) (Tips-Tricks-Tutorials)

When Apple decided to exit the WiFi products market, one unwelcome casualty was the Time Capsule. Forgetting its router and access point capabilities, it solved an important problem for Mac notebook users — it was a drive that attached to your netwo…

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Ding, dong, the witch is dead! No more hard drives in iMacs!

donderdag 6 augustus 2020 inIvanExpert (bestaat niet meer) (Tips-Tricks-Tutorials)

For years, and years, and years, Apple has been staining its brand by shipping iMacs with hard drives in them. macOS hasn’t performed particularly well on hard drives in quite a while, and, since Mojave was released a couple of years ago, it’s been …

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Use your Mac’s keyboard to type on iPhone or iPad

dinsdag 4 augustus 2020 inIvanExpert (bestaat niet meer) (Tips-Tricks-Tutorials)

Every now and then, I wish had a physical keyboard for my iPhone or iPad, usually so that I can type into some app that doesn’t have a good desktop web browser equivalent. You can of course pair any Bluetooth keyboard, including Apple’s, but I don’t…

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I only just discovered you can now remove a single item from Mac Trash

vrijdag 17 juli 2020 inIvanExpert (bestaat niet meer) (Tips-Tricks-Tutorials)

For most of its history, Trash in macOS was an all or nothing affair. If you wanted something removed from your Mac permanently, everything else had to go with it. But what if you wanted to permanently delete a very large file, so you could recover …

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Figure out what’s taking up space on your Mac with DaisyDisk

vrijdag 10 juli 2020 inIvanExpert (bestaat niet meer) (Tips-Tricks-Tutorials)

Every now and then, I am using an application on my Mac or iPhone and I stop and marvel at how its creators got it exactly right, and say a private thank you for them having made something so useful or enjoyable. DaisyDisk is that kind of app. I lov…

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iPhone apps for birdwatching

donderdag 4 juni 2020 inIvanExpert (bestaat niet meer) (Tips-Tricks-Tutorials)

Now that summer is here, I’ve been seeing more birds outside the window, and hearing them singing too — so I decided to download a few iPhone apps to help me figure out what they are. Here are the apps I’m trying out. All of them are free! Audubon B…

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Why You Need a Password Manager

donderdag 29 augustus 2019 inIvanExpert (bestaat niet meer) (Tips-Tricks-Tutorials)

The New York Times has an article this week entitled Why You Need a Password Manager. Yes, You. Andrew Cunningham, the author of the article and a lead editor at Wirecutter, only recently started using a password manager and he makes a strong case f…

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Where did Microsoft hide Outlook’s category filters?

woensdag 31 juli 2019 inIvanExpert (bestaat niet meer) (Tips-Tricks-Tutorials)

As far as I’m concerned, one of the single best reasons to use Microsoft Outlook with Exchange mail hosting is the concept of categories. It doesn’t seem like rocket science, so I don’t know why other mail systems don’t have anything equivalent. Out…

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What to do if you can’t change your Google Chrome search engine on a Mac

vrijdag 26 juli 2019 inIvanExpert (bestaat niet meer) (Tips-Tricks-Tutorials)

After a Mac has been intruded upon with some rogue or unwanted software, what usually happens is that web browsers are taken over. Usually, running MalwareBytes and performing follow-up steps will fix this situation (see our previous post). But if y…

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What to do after running MalwareBytes on your Mac

dinsdag 23 juli 2019 inIvanExpert (bestaat niet meer) (Tips-Tricks-Tutorials)

If you’ve ever seen your search engine in Chrome, Safari or Firefox mysteriously redirected to a strange, non-Google search engine, or seen pop-up ads warning that your Mac may be infected, or that advertise dubious services, you’re probably a victi…

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Synchronize your Downloads folder with iCloud Drive

woensdag 17 juli 2019 inIvanExpert (bestaat niet meer) (Tips-Tricks-Tutorials)

iCloud Drive Desktop and Documents sync has been a game changer in terms of Mac users having the same stuff on all computers. Dropbox is probably more reliable and flexible, but it requires that you have a workflow of saving stuff into your Dropbox …

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