How to Manage Data Security Risks That Live Off Network

maandag 30 maart 2020 in CrashPlan (Backup & Security)

I am already sick of it. That particular way that people’s faces look on webcasts is just not flattering. That said, that’s just one of the challenges we face (pun slightly intended) right now. Every day more employees are working from home. To get …

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The Work-From-Home Enterprise: Data Security Questions Investors and Board Members Should be Asking

zaterdag 28 maart 2020 in CrashPlan (Backup & Security)

Poof! Just like that the very perimeter organizations built around infrastructure, network, and endpoints to keep organizations safe is gone. Yes, we all have been saying the perimeter is gone for what feels like years now. But now, it’s really gone…

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What to Do When Data Becomes Invisible in a Work-From-Home World

donderdag 19 maart 2020 in CrashPlan (Backup & Security)

Like many other businesses, Code42 has been looking for ways to help as this pandemic sweeps across the world. Many of our customers have asked their employees to work from home, which has put an incredible amount of stress on IT and security organi…

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Our Commitment to Customers During COVID-19

vrijdag 13 maart 2020 in CrashPlan (Backup & Security)

As COVID-19 (the coronavirus) continues to impact our communities, I want to personally update you on the steps we have taken to ensure business continuity for all our customers. In these unprecedented times, where many organizations are making the …

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Collaboration without Compromise: A New Approach to Securing the Remote Work Culture

donderdag 12 maart 2020 in CrashPlan (Backup & Security)

We are witnessing the largest shift in work culture in our lifetime. And it’s putting remote work and collaborative technologies to the test at a scale that we have never seen before. Everyday the news is bringing us stories about more employees who…

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Code42 Extends Insider Threat Protection to Federal Agencies

maandag 9 maart 2020 in CrashPlan (Backup & Security)

An incident or breach caused by an undetected insider threat in the private sector could damage a business’s reputation or significantly impact the organization’s financial wellbeing. But, in the public sector, a similar undetected insider threat br…

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Code42 2020 Data Exposure Report: The Risky Rise of Collaboration Culture

woensdag 26 februari 2020 in CrashPlan (Backup & Security)

As we’ve covered in this blog in quite some depth, mitigating insider threat isn’t easy. Workers who are given trusted access to applications and data oftentimes sit in a great position to abuse that trust – either maliciously or unintentionally.  A…

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Don’t Poison Your Employee Experience With the Wrong Approach to Insider Threat

vrijdag 14 februari 2020 in CrashPlan (Backup & Security)

The year 2019 was a harsh reminder that as much as organizations try to downplay insider threats, they cannot be ignored or overlooked. Organizations like Capital One, McAfee (itself an insider threat solution) and even Apple can attest as they all …

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From Carelessness to Activism — Why Insiders Do What They Do

vrijdag 7 februari 2020 in CrashPlan (Backup & Security)

Whenever the subject of insider threat arises, the discussion gravitates toward the insider who has acted maliciously in some way. People often think of the executive or staffer who stole confidential information about an impending corporate transac…

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RSA Conference – The Busiest Security Week of the Year

woensdag 5 februari 2020 in CrashPlan (Backup & Security)

The world will be talking security very soon – the RSA Conference is just around the corner.  From February 24 to 27, more than 40,000 information security practitioners, influencers and enthusiasts will descend on the Moscone Center in San Francisc…

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From the Desk of a CISO: The Five Core 2020 Cybersecurity Resolutions

donderdag 30 januari 2020 in CrashPlan (Backup & Security)

Over the recent years, cybersecurity, and certainly the role of the CISO, have evolved – in many ways, for the better. Thanks in large part to the rapid digitization of business, the explosion of data and data sharing across the enterprise, and the …

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3 Steps to Building a Successful Insider Threat Program in the Age of Data Privacy

dinsdag 14 januari 2020 in CrashPlan (Backup & Security)

Data privacy laws are picking up steam – think the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) – and there is a lot of concern about what security and privacy teams can and should do to enforce policie…

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From the Desk of a CISO – Leadership Lessons

maandag 6 januari 2020 in CrashPlan (Backup & Security)

Quite a bit has changed in information security since I began my career more than a decade ago.  Talk of cloud being the primary enterprise development platform was based on complete speculation. Mobile computing had yet to hit full stride. Software…

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2020: The Cybersecurity Year Ahead

donderdag 19 december 2019 in CrashPlan (Backup & Security)

Security never stops. As 2019 comes to an end, security professionals are looking to what is in store for the year ahead. To get some answers, we reached out to Code42 leadership and security experts to get a sense of their cybersecurity expectation…

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Building an Insider Threat Program Without Becoming Big Brother

vrijdag 13 december 2019 in CrashPlan (Backup & Security)

I don’t believe that there’s an enterprise in existence that wouldn’t benefit from an insider threat program. Nearly every enterprise will experience repeated data theft and confidential data exposure as a direct result of the accidental or delibera…

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“Good Enough” Isn’t Enough to Stop Data Loss

dinsdag 10 december 2019 in CrashPlan (Backup & Security)

Five years ago, the toughest part of my job was convincing the world that insider threat was a big problem. Fast forward to today, and everyone knows insider threat is the biggest everyday data security risk they face. But a new problem has emerged:…

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Microsoft and Code42 Ignite the Focus on Insider Threat

woensdag 20 november 2019 in CrashPlan (Backup & Security)

The entire Code42 team had a great time attending Microsoft Ignite in Orlando. Microsoft Ignite brings together more than 25,000 attendees who have keen interests in software development, security, architecture and IT. I have to tell you, before goi…

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Insider Threat Begs the Question, “Where’d My File Go on the Web?”

dinsdag 19 november 2019 in CrashPlan (Backup & Security)

You know the risks posed by Shadow IT and unsanctioned app use. It’s a blind spot we’ve all been fighting for years now. But a new challenge is emerging: what do you do when the app is sanctioned? For example, how do you stop employees from exfiltra…

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Don’t Believe the Hype from DLP Players

vrijdag 8 november 2019 in CrashPlan (Backup & Security)

We got a good chuckle when one of our competitors recently called us a “DLP Wannabe.” Let’s face it, no one wants to be a data loss prevention provider (DLP) – including us. Seventy-three percent of companies with DLP report that employees complain …

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Code42 at Jamf Nation User Conference: Data Loss Protection for Macs

vrijdag 8 november 2019 in CrashPlan (Backup & Security)

The Code42 team is gearing up for the annual user conference for one of our favorite hometown partners: the Jamf Nation User Conference, Nov. 12 – 14 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Minneapolis, literally right up the road from our offices. Code42 has…

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Hey Microsoft Ignite, Code42 is Here Talking Insider Threat

maandag 4 november 2019 in CrashPlan (Backup & Security)

Team Code42 is excited to be at the Orange County Convention Center for the Microsoft Ignite conference this week. We have a ton going on and are ready to talk to security and IT teams about one of the biggest insider threats to their data – employe…

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