How and why you need HomeKit-secured smart homes

donderdag 27 februari 2020 in Computerworld (Mac algemeen)

Once upon a time the Internet was amazing, enabling niche interests and connecting people. Apple’s iMac was the epitome of the era, while the iPhone became the prophet of change.What is HomeKit-secured and why should you use it? These days hacker…

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Apple may introduce an ARM-powered Mac in 2021, claim

dinsdag 25 februari 2020 in Computerworld (Mac algemeen)

The rumor that would not die appears to be turning into a reality with Apple allegedly intending the introduction of some form of Mac powered by an Apple-designed ARM-based A-series processor in 2021.Unique technology advantage Apple’s silicon de…

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Why every user needs a smart speaker security policy

maandag 24 februari 2020 in Computerworld (Mac algemeen)

Does your voice assistant wake up randomly when you are engaged in normal conversation, listening to radio, or watching TV? You’re not alone, and this may have serious implications in enterprise security policy.All things being equal (they’re not…

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Challo pushes enterprise collaboration across company walls

vrijdag 21 februari 2020 in Computerworld (Mac algemeen)

One of the big weaknesses of many enterprise collaboration solutions is that they aren’t always good at letting employees work with external parties. That’s a problem one of the latest entrants to the space tries to solve.Collaboration without wa…

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RIP: Larry Tesler, inventor of copy & paste

donderdag 20 februari 2020 in Computerworld (Mac algemeen)

“You cannot reduce the complexity of a given task beyond a certain point. Once you’ve reached that point you can only shift the burden around.” ~Larry TeslerOne of the men who helped create the current age of personal computing passed away this w…

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Adobe Photoshop turns 30, now much smarter

woensdag 19 februari 2020 in Computerworld (Mac algemeen)

Photoshop is one of the computer world's most influential applications. It was thirty years ago today when Adobe first introduced it. To celebrate, the company today updated Photoshop for Mac and iPad with a range of tasty new features that show …

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Apple maintains March iPhone event plan, despite coronavirus

dinsdag 18 februari 2020 in Computerworld (Mac algemeen)

Apple is gearing up for a late March special event to introduce the much-expected iPhone 9, reports claim, though production of any new iPad Pro models may have been impacted by the dreadful coronavirus pandemic.Calling change in a spooky market …

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‘Hey Siri, bring in the cattle and irrigate field four’

maandag 17 februari 2020 in Computerworld (Mac algemeen)

If you go down to the farm today, you’ll probably find it packed with sensors, drones and remote management systems managed by iPhones, iPads and other mobile devices.A new agriculture In fact, we’re only one or two Siri Shortcuts away from voice…

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Apple quietly builds the business case for AR

vrijdag 14 februari 2020 in Computerworld (Mac algemeen)

Apple has quietly introduced new AR features that should help the company push adoption of the technologies more into the mainstream, particularly for retailers, animation houses and educators – and you can access these using QuickLook.What Apple…

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Hard times inside Apple’s forgotten App Store

donderdag 13 februari 2020 in Computerworld (Mac algemeen)

Are you one of the many iOS users that ignores the row of apps at the bottom of the message composition window?Once the appeal of sticker packs wears off, there just doesn’t seem to be much inside Apple’s forgotten App Store for Messages.In betwe…

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Apple's Mac Catalyst seems to be becoming very, very serious

woensdag 12 februari 2020 in Computerworld (Mac algemeen)

Apple appears to be setting the table for some interesting moves with the introduction of Swift Playgrounds for Mac and recent news that it’s now possible to offer both Mac and iOS apps as the same app. What could this mean?News in a nutshell The…

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Why every enterprise needs Apple’s Pro apps team

dinsdag 11 februari 2020 in Computerworld (Mac algemeen)

Apple’s Mac Pro delivers plenty of power for its price, but its tight integration with macOS means pro users also get the kind of performance they need.Putting Metal to the Mac Pro When Apple announced Mac Pro, it told us that the big names in gr…

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Smart lighting security flaw illuminates risk of IoT

vrijdag 7 februari 2020 in Computerworld (Mac algemeen)

The latest smart home security nightmare sheds light on the risk you take each time you add another connected item to your home, office or industrial network – and even market leading brands make mistakes.The story of Hue Philips Hue smart lighti…

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Is Apple's iCloud folder sharing a shadow IT problem?

donderdag 6 februari 2020 in Computerworld (Mac algemeen)

After a long delay, Apple is preparing to introduce iCloud Folder Sharing across both its Mac and iOS platforms. This is a big blessing for collaboration, but is it safe?What is iCloud Folder Sharing? iCloud Folder Sharing was first announced at …

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Swift is again replacing Objective-C, report claims

woensdag 5 februari 2020 in Computerworld (Mac algemeen)

Swift may finally be replacing Apple’s former favorite, Objective C, according to the latest Tiobe programming language popularity charts.Swift is on the way up (again)The trend should be of a little interest to watchers, as it suggests significa…

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5 iOS apps to help enterprise pros learn new skills

maandag 3 februari 2020 in Computerworld (Mac algemeen)

The world is changing. Digital transformation means most employees must make time to develop the new competencies required by changing digital business models.  Upskilling: There’s an app for that Most enterprise leaders recognize the growing nee…

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Apple is a top three PC vendor for enterprise, report claims

vrijdag 31 januari 2020 in Computerworld (Mac algemeen)

The Windows 7 replacement cycle has begun, and recent Changewave data seems to suggest Apple will benefit from this, iPads are the tablet of choice and Apple is among the top three potential manufacturers for corporate PC purchasers.When predicti…

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6 great apps for the iOS mobile enterprise

donderdag 30 januari 2020 in Computerworld (Mac algemeen)

There’s more to enterprise apps than Office, Salesforce, Slack or Gsuite. Here are six cloud-based solutions with excellent mobile/iOS apps that are seeing rapid enterprise deployment, according to Okta.Every enterprise is a digital enterprise To…

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What every enterprise needs to know about Apple’s $91b quarter

woensdag 29 januari 2020 in Computerworld (Mac algemeen)

Apple announced a record $91 billion quarter January 29. It told us that 84% of business buyers planning to purchase smartphones in the next quarter will buy iPhones, but what else can enterprise users learn from the results?Apple remains focused…

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7 ways Apple can improve enterprise productivity

dinsdag 28 januari 2020 in Computerworld (Mac algemeen)

With iPhones now in use across the Fortune 500, Apple has a good reason to invest in business process automation for iOS. It already has many of the building blocks to make work easier and more productive. Here are some of the ways it could impro…

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Will Apple's iOS 14 really support all today's iOS 13-compatible iPhones?

maandag 27 januari 2020 in Computerworld (Mac algemeen)

If you’re in the business of budgeting for and managing a fleet of iOS devices in education or enterprise deployments, then you’ll be eager to learn if today’s hot Apple rumor is hot stuff or hot air.The claim: iOS 14 to support all iOS 13 device…

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