Competitor Intelligence for Everyone

woensdag 30 september 2020 inappFigures (bestaat niet meer) (iOS)

Every once in a while, a product comes along that changes how you work. Something that gives you a new superpower, you try it once and wonder what you ever did without it. We’ve been working on a product like …

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An Update About COVID-19

woensdag 18 maart 2020 inappFigures (bestaat niet meer) (iOS)

Like most companies, we’re all adjusting to life during this pandemic. Since we’re based in New York City, we started working from home last week. All of our teams, from support to data science, are 100% online, and we expect …

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App Store Downloads Show China’s Workforce is Working From Home

dinsdag 18 februari 2020 inappFigures (bestaat niet meer) (iOS)

Much of China’s massive workforce has been grounded since the novel coronavirus hit the country, forcing companies across the country to shut down temporarily. Looking at App Store download trends however we can see many workers are starting to work…

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Benchmark Your Downloads with Real Market Intelligence for Free — Introducing the Mobile Download Index

dinsdag 4 februari 2020 inappFigures (bestaat niet meer) (iOS)

Have you ever looked at your app downloads and wondered how they compare to the market? If so, you’re certainly not alone. Being able to put your performance metrics in context can make all the difference when you’re investing time …

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New: Smart Keyword Suggestions for App Store Optimization

woensdag 22 januari 2020 inappFigures (bestaat niet meer) (iOS)

When it comes to discovery on the App Store and Google Play ASO has become a very effective (and free) way to get in front of more users and earn more downloads. ASO relies on having the right keywords, and …

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TikTok is Proving that All Publicity is Good Publicity

dinsdag 7 januari 2020 inappFigures (bestaat niet meer) (iOS)

TikTok, the mobile video sharing app that’s been taking over social media, has been in the news a lot lately. And not in a positive way. The Chinese-based app and its developer have been accused of spying for the Chinese …

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Microsoft Teams Dethrones Slack, Becomes Most Downloaded Business Chat App

maandag 16 december 2019 inappFigures (bestaat niet meer) (iOS)

Microsoft has been on a mission to own business chat, but Skype for Business was a flop. Meanwhile Slack managed to take over offices and teams all over the world. And then Microsoft started pushing Teams — Here’s how all …

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New: Get a Summary of App Downloads & Revenue to Slack

woensdag 11 december 2019 inappFigures (bestaat niet meer) (iOS)

We’ve rolled out a new type of alert that sends a daily or weekly summary of your downloads, revenue, and subscription metrics right into your Slack. The Sales Summary alert will include the following data points: Downloads Downloads trend for …

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Introducing Appfigures for Android

dinsdag 12 november 2019 inappFigures (bestaat niet meer) (iOS)

It’s finally here! The Appfigures mobile app is now live on Google Play. You can now access all of your app’s most important analytics right on your device, your Android device. Simple. Beautiful. Powerful. Our mobile app, which is now …

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Appfigures Joins the GitHub Student Developer Pack

vrijdag 1 november 2019 inappFigures (bestaat niet meer) (iOS)

Our goal at Appfigures is to make actionable insights accessible to as many mobile app makers as we can, which is why we’re excited to announce we’ve partnered with GitHub Education to make Appfigures available in the GitHub Student Developer …

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Apple Erases More than 20 Million Ratings in Two Days

maandag 28 oktober 2019 inappFigures (bestaat niet meer) (iOS)

Many developers, large and small, woke up last week to a very sad reality, where their apps were stripped of thousands of app ratings. The sweep hit apps from household brands like Google, Microsoft, Nike, and Philips, as well as …

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What Kind of Apps and Games Get Featured on Google Play?

dinsdag 1 oktober 2019 inappFigures (bestaat niet meer) (iOS)

Getting featured on Google Play is something every Android developer would like to experience, but it isn’t something you can just ask for or pay for. In fact, many developers don’t know what makes Google feature an app. To shed …

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Now Tracking Keyword Performance in China, Russia, and More!

woensdag 25 september 2019 inappFigures (bestaat niet meer) (iOS)

We’re continuing to expand the global coverage of our new ASO tools so you can optimize globally. Over the last few months we’ve added the most requested countries, including: China, India, Italy, Japan, Russia, Spain, and Switzerland. You can start…

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An Update About App Store Connect Syncing with Two-Factor Authentication

maandag 19 augustus 2019 inappFigures (bestaat niet meer) (iOS)

For the last few weeks App Store Connect has been experiencing issues with Two-Factor Authentication where logins wouldn’t persist for more than a few days even though they’re supposed to persist for 30 days for account owners and never expire …

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This is What Going Viral Looks Like – The Numbers Behind FaceApp

vrijdag 19 juli 2019 inappFigures (bestaat niet meer) (iOS)

FaceApp has been in the news a lot this week. The seemingly magical AI face morphing app went viral earlier this week, resulting in a meteoric rise in Top App charts. Let’s take a look at the numbers behind FaceApp. …

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Snapchat’s Gender Swap Filters = 41% More Downloads

donderdag 16 mei 2019 inappFigures (bestaat niet meer) (iOS)

Last week Snapchat introduced new filters that blur the gender line and reminded those of us who dismissed the app after its failed redesign and poor public performance what it’s still good at — creating a delightful selfie experience. The …

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Who’s Using Apple’s ARKit (2019)?

donderdag 7 maart 2019 inappFigures (bestaat niet meer) (iOS)

Apple has been putting a lot of effort into ARKit since its release in 2017. According to our latest technology scan, more than 1,000 already use it. See which categories adopted this new tech in our latest report.

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The Time The U.S. Government Took Over The App Store & Google Play

dinsdag 26 februari 2019 inappFigures (bestaat niet meer) (iOS)

Did you know the IRS has a mobile app? Last week IRS2Go, an app from the IRS to check tax refund status, has reached a milestone. For the first time ever, the app ranked #1 in the U.S. In this flash report we're taking a closer look at the app's per…

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Microsoft Goes All-In On React Native For Their Mobile Apps

vrijdag 22 februari 2019 inappFigures (bestaat niet meer) (iOS)

Microsoft has been in love with React, an open-source library from Facebook for building user interfaces, for quite some time. In addition to building an open-source library for cross platform UIs, this summer they started using React for their web …

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Honey Comes and Goes – A Lesson In App Marketing

maandag 18 februari 2019 inappFigures (bestaat niet meer) (iOS)

Last Friday Honey, a service that finds discounts and promo codes for everyday products, launched an app to the App Store and it took it by storm storm, raising to the #1 Free app in the U.S. Here’s what getting …

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Shazam for iOS Sheds 3rd Party SDKs

maandag 18 februari 2019 inappFigures (bestaat niet meer) (iOS)

Shazam, the song identification app Apple bought for $400M, recently released an update to its iOS app that got rid of all 3rd party SDKs the app was using except for one. The SDKs that were removed include ad networks, …

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